FooConf Helsinki will happen February 1st in Passitorni, Helsinki.

Contact us at


How can I register to FooConf Helsinki?
The registration is open. 
Register today and secure your ticket to FooConf Helsinki

Until when can I get the Early Bird discount?
Early Bird is available until 31st December.

How can I register a group of persons from the same company ?
Please email us the list of the people you want to register and we will help you with a group booking.


How do I pay my registration?
You will be redirected to a credit card payment. If you need an invoice to be sent to your company or have any question, please contact us:


My company wants to be a partner of FooConf Helsinki. what should I do?
Contact and we will come back to you with partnership possibilities for 2023.


What is the Turku bus trip?
Qalmari & Vaadin are organizing a bus ride from Turku to FooConf on the 1st of February 2023 for all Turku region IT professionals. The trip is as free and includes free beers!
We will load the people and beer to the bus at dawn and we will arrive at FooConf at 8.30 AM.
The bus schedule will be sent to your registration e-mail at least a week before the event, so you won't miss the bus.
We will head back to Turku after the event at 6.30 PM.
Remember to also buy a ticket for FooConf separately!


What is FooConf doing with my personal information?
We protect your personal privacy and strives to always protect your personal information in the best possible way. You can find our complete GDPR policy here and you are welcome to contact us if you have any question:


What is FooConf Code of conduct?
The conference is dedicated to providing a harassment-free conference experience for everyone. Please read and respect the code of conduct

If you need help, contact us at

Erno Kurki

Multidisciplinary Technologist with 16 years worth of continuous learning on how to deliver business critical systems. Broad perspective in to the cloud industry and where the technology is heading. Experience in designing sustainable software delivery and in facilitating a globally distributed DevOps operation.

Mattias Karlsson

Mattias is the founder of the conference Jfokus and and FooConf and he loves the community. Through the years he has gained experience from many different roles, including developer, architect, team leader, coach and manager. In his spare time, Mattias can be found snowboarding with his family or riding his motorcycle.

Aleksi Pousar

Experienced Software Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the entertainment industry. Strong engineering professional skilled in Javascript, Python, PHP, C++, WordPress, React and React Native.

Jeanne Göthberg

Event organizer and international project manager. Great organisational skills, expert in problem solving with ability to adapt. Great team player and not afraid of taking initiatives.